Yoga For Athletes

Yoga is one of the most effective methods to improve flexibility, particularly hamstring and lower back flexibility. It also improves core strength.

Yoga for athletes, specifically trains flexibility, fascia and functional movement. It keeps them moving freely and efficiently. If yoga is practised for some time it also helps athletes to remain focused, and to improve decision making, even under extreme pressure!

How do athletes benefit?

  • Staying agile and sharp. Increasing flexibility and freedom of movement.

  • Decreasing muscular/ fascial tension

  • Reducing injuries related to muscular over-use/ restricted joint movement/ core weakness

  • Creating positive training habits keeping athletes agile and helping them engage in looking after their bodies

  • Increased focus and mental clarity; bringing intention, purpose and motivation

How it works

  • All training is based on functional movement relevant to whichever sport you do, with the intention to keep the athlete mobile, moving more freely more efficiently

  • Sessions are adapted for each athlete, as no two athletes are the same

If you’re an athlete looking to incorporate yoga into your training program, contact me for more information and to get started!