Yoga For Children

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“We need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry” Alvin Price 

 Puravi offers a bespoke program of Yoga Classes specifically designed and tailored around your  nursery or school’s needs. Through yoga Puravi provides a really fun and creative way to engage children with the National Curriculumm and the Early Years Framework.

There benefits of Yoga for Children roughly fall into 3 areas:

                increases flexibility, strength and builds co-ordination and balance
                improves gross and fine motor skills
                teaches children an awareness and application of their bodies
                physical workout for the heart, lungs, muscles and central nervous system

Mental and Emotional
                helps children navigate difficult emotions, stressful situations and moral choices
                teaches techniques to help calm, switch off and rest
                improves concentration and focus for longer periods
                teaches self-discipline, confidence, freedom and ability to express themselves

                teaches awareness of their own behaviour and the impact this has around them
                helps build their own character and personality
                helps children start to be become aware of the choices they make
                they will develop a strong personal moral code that helps them make good choices daily

Having spent a over year teaching yoga to children - Puravi realises just how much of a mentor the yoga teach role is. The yoga teacher is a person outside of the normal school teacher environment that children trust that they can speak to in a safe environment.

The work Puravi now does with children is take this one step further and offer them them the tools they need to carve out their own identities, battle at their internal demons, change their closed mindsets so they are armed with lifelong skills; weapons of self preservation; to last them long after they leave me.

Puravi has created a mindfulness curriculum that is being rolled out in 3 special academies in the UK. This curriculum is the first of it’s kind in the UK that has been developed specifically for young people in mind, in order to help create positive self awareness, realistic daily habits and using mindfulness as a tool to help combat stress and anxiety.

Puravi is passionate about helping provide our young people with a solid foundation that enables them to grow up happy, confident and compassionate people. She is ambassador of The Girls Network providing mentorship and workshops to girls aged 14-19 in schools across London and has worked with schools across London and Essex delivering yoga programs. 

If  your school is interested in offering yoga I’d love to hear from you, please contact me more for information and pricing. 

Schools that Puravi has worked with include:

Adventures Day Nursery, Redbridge

Acland Burghley Secondary School, Tuffnel Park

Arnhem Wharf Primary School, Isle of Dogs

Broomfield House School, Kew

Cambridge Day Nursery, Redbridge

Cooper’s Coborn and Company School, Upminster

Good Shepard Primary School, Ravenscourt Park

Melcombe Primary School, Hammersmith

Queen Elizabeth School For Girls, High Barnet

Sacred Heart School,

Sacred Heart of Saint Mary’s, Upminster

Olive Academy, Essex