Give this world good energy

My journey into health and wellness started when...

I was enrolled into one of the best classical dance programmes in London at the age of 5, I stopped dancing when I was 17 and had no idea at the time how the extensive training would help me later in life, especially when I turned to Yoga just a few years later.

After joining the Banking Industry after finishing University, I found myself chained to a desk and consequently with terrible posture, tight hips and a bad back. That was just the physical, mentally I was drained, stressed and suffering from terrible migraines - something that I'd been suffering with since I was 13 but likes to creep back at the most stressful of times!


I packed in the high-flying banking job, gave up my high heels and took myself back-packing , along the way I became fully immersed in Yoga and ticked off becoming a Yoga Teacher.

After nearly a year of travelling, I settled back into London life and I embarked on my Children's Yoga Training, I think Yoga and Mindfulness if taught at an early age can help and be used as a great aid in dealing with stress and anxiety and I want to be part of the resolution to helping young people who go through so much manage their stress in a much more calm manner!

My teaching style links breath to movement in a fun and playful way, engaging both adults and children, creating a safe and calm environment for them to explore their bodies, free of judgement!


Brands I've Worked With...